Friday, 22 July 2011

Weee Heeee ♥

Went to keat hwa K this morning (DO YI GONG NAH , MAI SIAO SIAO !)

sz,sq,ej,nc,co and ME !

share nasi lemak with ej , luckily you all didnt take udang d ^^

then we hear they talk talk talk and talk and talk

So sleepy - ,- then we play 两只老虎 按一按 = = my shouders nak patah = =

after playing , bo sleepy ki xDD

then we eat LUNCH ! sq always ian her school , beh ki ^^ pattern banyak !

oh , and we take photos . we banyak pattern (im the TALLEST ♥)

then we say bye bye , me sq and c jiu went back early ^^

sq went home with me ^^ she say i bath very long -,-

sz and lh sweet sweet (:


Have tea time with them @ secret recipe just now

then we gaigai first

then we went to the library

saw thong them (: they're upstairs

we say HI and BYE cause we can't find any seats

So we went down and found a LOVELY place

hy brought her mini laptop and c brought her ipad

me and sq just went there with our hands and legs HAHA

I took many books there but its just a decoration . Quite nice HAHA

I used my phone on9 because hy doesn't want to share her laptop with me ):

Bad yi , but I used c's ipad for awhile

Then I teached c to play PVZ(pro d) xDD

then she won ! I know I know pro ka 就是 pro ka ♥ xD

Sq went back very early ):

then we play play play

then we jiu go home liaw (:


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